Charleston Wedding Ideas for Springtime

Charleston Wedding Ideas for Springtime

Spring has sprung and there is nothing like a Spring wedding in Charleston, SC. This season is a symbol of your future marriage, and your wedding marks the beginning of a new phase in your journey. For many, spring is seen as the time of renewal and we are so excited to present you with wedding ideas for the spring.

Couples who choose to tie the knot in the spring typically love the colors and florals associated with the season. Celebrations are often filled with pastel hues and pretty pinks transforming venues into the prettiest of garden parties.

The best part? CHEERS wedding rentals in Charleston, SC can assist in transforming your venue with high-end inventory from all over the world. So, whether you’re looking to go all out and create a magical themed garden party wedding or take a more simplistic approach utilizing the season’s decor, CHEERS event rentals can assist you throughout the process.

Plan for A Beautiful Day…Prepare for Weather (YIKES!)

Whether you choose an in-bloom wedding invitation, tulips for the centerpieces, or decide to serve tea and crumpets to begin the day, CHEERS event rentals in Charleston SC can assist you with all your beautiful tabletop rentals.

Although Spring in Charleston is fairly consistent, you never know what mother nature is going to throw at you! With that being the case, we suggest talking to your wedding planner about rain options. Below you can find some helpful wedding tips on how a little rain will not impede on your sunny spring outdoor wedding:

  • Wedding Venue: The venue you choose for your nuptials, whether it be a private estate, a public area like a beach, or your own backyard, will play a major role. Because you’ll be outside, provide parasols and standing umbrellas to help your guests beat the sun or rain.
  • Back-up Tent: Just in case inclement weather strikes you want to be prepared with a tent. Hopefully it is not needed; however, invest so your mother-in-law doesn’t stare at you the whole wedding (soaking wet)!
  • Table Setting: If there is a strong wind blowing this can be a disaster. We suggest waiting to set your tabletop event rentals until you cannot wait anymore!
  • The DJ & Band: Most, if not all Charleston Wedding DJs and Bands hate the rain. Their Equipment is expensive. If it looks like a rainy day, they will want to move into a covered area. Utilize your local table and chair rental and provide them a small tent to escape the rain!

What’s in & What’s Out


  • Midday Ceremonies: The most spontaneous and memorable part of the whole wedding weekend is often the after-party. However, if the idea of an eight-hour marathon from ceremony to cocktails to dinner to dancing gives you hesitation, you can make sure your guests are ready to party by having a daytime wedding. If you look back throughout history, it was common to have your wedding ceremony in the morning and reception in the evening. Folks like Jackie and John Kennedy as well as Princess Diana and Prince Charles took part in this.
  • Choosing a morning ceremony followed by a curated lunch and inviting guests back for an evening reception with dancing and dessert allows couples to have a truly unique celebration all day long. So, allow us to pick you up in a vintage wedding car rental and take you to and from the party no matter what the hour maybe.
  • Wild Welcome Parties: The majority of couples who are hosting extravagant weddings tend to require entertaining on Friday and Saturday. So, gather your guest for an epic beach day and pop the champagne. It’s a great icebreaker for all ages while offering entertainment at every turn. 
  • Over-The-Top Cakes: Big Energy aka over the top wedding cakes with five foot confections are back! Clients are embracing the opportunity to personalize their cakes to match the overall wedding design. The option to customize the wedding cake is boundless so give it some thought and go all out. Clients can even have fun with this by adding items to the cake topper that are meaningful in their relationship.


  • Wedding Hashtags: Wedding hashtags are gone. When it comes to social media and Instagram, it’s all about stories instead of posts, and a story hashtag goes away after 24-hours. Consider putting your phone away for the day and enjoying your friend’s magical day! You may even consider getting some inspiration for your upcoming wedding by checking out CHEERS wedding rentals in Charleston, SC.
  • Uniform Bridesmaid Dresses: Allowing your bridal party a bit of fashion freedom is becoming very popular. Whether wedding planners are encouraging friends to find on-palette dresses or custom designs, the idea of re-wearing a wedding party look is becoming more and more of a reality!
  • Welcome Bags: Save the money! Write each guest or couple a handwritten note telling them how much you appreciate them being there. They can find their own aspirin and water the following morning!

Spring Wedding…CHECK

Is there any better time to be outside and party than springtime in Charleston! We hope you enjoyed some Spring Wedding Ideas our team here at CHEERS put together. Regardless of the location, cake, or color theme you decide on, our collection of vintage and unique event rentals will bring your special moments to the next level. Allow us to serve your wedding party and guest with bamboo table and chair rentals or exclusive, high-end Bar & Lounge Rentals.

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