3 Corporate Event Ideas That Aren’t Corporate

3 Corporate Event Ideas That Aren’t Corporate

With Americans being back in the office, corporate events have made a strong comeback since 2020. Unfortunately, team outings and corporate events can sometimes feel well, like work. Studies have shown that many corporate events offer the same ole’ boring food, design, and lack of entertainment.

With that being said, you and your team can get away from the typical despairs of corporate life with some of our creative corporate event rentals and ideas. Blend in some new ideas from Live Chefs to luxurious tabletop rentals to competitive competitions that will have your guests and employees reliving the party! Planning a corporate event has never been easier in Charleston!

Cut The DJ – Invest In Entertainment For ALL:

Having entertainment at corporate events doesn’t need to be a live band or DJ for a big sit-down performance. We encourage the opposite. By having smaller entertainment selections, your co-workers and guests can have a private and special experience that’s more meaningful. At the end of the day, making co-workers feel special and appreciated is the main objective of a corporate event.

“At SAFE I love to come up with hip, fresh ideas at our corporate parties that incorporates all walks of life.” Says Lindsay Anderson, a corporate event organizer with over 10 years of experience. “I like to keep team members on their toes with surprises and high-end designs that keeps the entertainment flowing throughout the evening.”

During the companies last corporate event in Charleston, Lindsay customized each teams’ tables and chairs to fit that branches taste. However, she didn’t stop there! Even the stunning glassware rentals were customized to fit the individual team’s taste.

Entertaining corporate event ideas to keep at the top of your list:

  • Entertainment doesn’t need to be the traditional DJ or Live Band. Offer items to make your guests feel pampered, relaxed, and ready to party such as renting a vintage car they can sit in and take a picture with, shoeshines (Rent a fun Chair), and manicures.
  • Speed artists have become extremely popular within the wedding industry. Why not have one at your corporate event? Maybe even an airbrushed temporary tattoo – I heard Karen’s gonna’ do the Mike Tyson face tat!
  • Photo booths are a great way to capture the party and very easy to rent in Charleston! Step up your corporate event with newer, creative ways to take photos. Locate a company that offers 360 photo booths, VR experiences, or GIFs for your guests to share on social media. Are you kidding – Everyone loves a fun and funky photo.

Bring On The Games:

Looking for ways to enhance your team? Healthy competition is always welcome – especially when guests and employees can go toe-to-toe with their boss. So, let’s allow our guests to put down their phones and really engage in a corporate social event setting in Charleston, SC. This not only allows for team building, but additionally allows employees to connect who maybe haven’t met or do not interact during typical work hours.

One simple and easy option is to have fun board games set up at their custom designed tabletop rental. Allow team members to bond and talk over their beautiful glassware you rented in Charleston, SC.

Let the Games Begin – Competitive ideas for your next event:

  • Create Teams of guests and employees that don’t work together on an everyday basis. Allow them to bond by teaming up and creating new relationships.
  • Check out local Charleston Fun Park for some Mini Golf; this is sure to bring some competition to the air, as well as hear some friendly “You should have sunk that!”.
  • Foodies always love a private chef. Similar to Chopped, bring in a sushi chef and allow guests to make their own sushi. You can even have customized outfits and flatware rentals for guests to wear while prepping their customized tabletop rentals in Charleston, SC!

Allow the Chef to SHINE!

Everyone likes food, so why not make it special for your next corporate event. Understand the team members that work within the company and build their tastes into the social event. As all restaurants and chef’s do, be mindful of the dietary needs of the guest and team members and offer a variety of items! Are you looking to really impress your guests? Rent some beautiful salad & dessert plates to match each team’s table and chair rentals!

Game Changing Corporate Event Food Concepts:

  • Offer a variety of choices. Remember there is a good chance vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free concepts are always appreciated. Cold Off The Press, a hot new company out of Raleigh North Carolina, will ship you fresh juices or even show up to your corporate event and put on a show for the corporate event.
  • Don’t forget the cake! Everyone loves a good dessert; however, it doesn’t always have to be fancy. Ice Cream stations have become a huge hit at weddings – Why not have one at your corporate event?
  • It’s Five O’clock somewhere, Flair Bartending  has become extremely popular throughout the cocktail community. How about a bartender that can provide entertainment while mixing you up a delicious cocktail. Remember to also have an alcohol-free alternative for non-drinkers.

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