How to Choose a Wedding Theme

How to Choose a Wedding Theme

You just got engaged and have decided to host your wedding in Charleston – Congratulations, we are here to help. We’ll cover the essential planning resources and advice on how to choose a wedding theme. Every detail of your special day should be perfect.

From finding the perfect color and venue to selecting Charleston wedding rentals and photographers that will capture all your memories – we will assist you in everything you need for a truly perfect wedding day.

In addition to your theme, we’ll explore Tabletop designs as well as table and chair rentals to make your Charleston wedding theme really come to life. So, get set because, with CHEERS, you’re sure to have a wedding theme that’s as beautiful and unique as you ever dreamed.

Finding the Perfect Theme #Color

When it comes to picking the perfect theme for your wedding, there are numerous items to consider. It’s important to understand the COLOR of your theme and the type of atmosphere you want for your special day. You should also research how this color will come into play with event rental items you will want on display for your guests

To help you get started, here is a list of popular wedding themes seen in 2022:

  • Classic Wedding: Enjoy a classic interlude using decorative ribbons, textured placemats, or votive candles.
  • Alternative: Buck tradition with an alternative wedding theme! Cool, moody color palettes and creative stand-ins.
  • Bridgerton: Extravagant costumes, sets, and elite gossip. Activate the regency-era with the signature pastel and Prussian blue color palette for table runners and linens.
  • Bohemian: Trendy and bold, with an emphasis on achieving an inviting, cool vibe – in other words, don’t get caught up in every detail.
  • Natural: Consider an open-air courtyard to celebrate the beauty of nature throughout your wedding day. Eco-friendly weddings have become huge, so let’s save the earth one wedding at a time!

No matter which theme you choose, put together images and imagine what it will look like in-person. This will help you make sure the theme has everything you need for your dream wedding day.

Wedding Rental Selection

You’ve selected your wedding theme and you’re prepared to begin the rental process. Here at CHEERS Event Rentals, we offer top-of-the-line wedding rental operations that include everything from flatware rentals to unique bar & lounge rentals to impress your guests while they’re selecting their cocktail for the evening. With our vast selection of available items, couples like yourselves can create the atmosphere you’ve dreamed.

When selecting wedding rentals for your celebration, great care should be taken to ensure each supplier meets your expectations. In addition, to wedding event rentals, CHEERS additionally supplies a one-of-a-kind vintage car rental to take you to and from your reception.

Researching how your theme matches up to rental availability is a big aspect of the rental process. So, compare pricing structures as well as quality of service. Remember you get what you pay for in this industry.

Many companies in the Charleston area not only offer photography and catering but also provide additional items such as Table and Chair Rentals and Bar & Lounge Rentals that will bring the overall theme and design for your special day together.

Wedding Theme Resources

Selecting a wedding theme can seem exhausting, but many resources are available to make the process easier. Utilizing wedding planners, websites, and in person visit can help couples organize their special day more efficiently.

Wedding planners are invaluable assets that can guide couples through the planning process and offer advice surrounding coordination of the theme and brining your big day to life. Websites like Charleston Wedding Guide and Kiawah Island Weddings are perfect for researching wedding vendors that can match up to your desired theme.

Additional vendors and websites listed below can help your theme immensely:

The above resources are designed to make the selection of you theme stress-free. Taking advantage of these helpful tips can help ensure that your Charleston wedding is perfectly executed.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

When selecting your special wedding theme in Charleston, be sure to take advantage of the many resources available and make use of unique Charleston event rentals. Whether you want a high-end theme or a simpler yet elegant theme – it all starts with your planner.

With its vibrant culture and stunning venues, Charleston truly is the perfect place to plan a memorable wedding – so don’t forget to have fun while selecting your theme.

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