How to Host a Birthday Party for Adults

How to Host a Birthday Party for Adults

Celebrating one’s birthday is a special event that’s meant to be shared with loved ones. Adults enjoy parties as much as children, and it’s truly special when friends & family want to share your big day with you. If you’re celebrating an important milestone, such as turning 30, 40, 50 or even 60 it should be celebrated with all the fanfare.

Although there are numerous ways in which you can host an adult birthday party; our team put together a list of fun birthday ideas so your friends and family walk away thinking they’d love to celebrate your birthday every year!

Planning a birthday party for your significant other, friend, or family member can be stressful. However, with a little planning and champagne, that stress can turn to fun very quickly. Below we will provide you with the ultimate – Host’s to Do List for planning a fun party.

Pre-planning: A month before the party

Choose the Date: The ideal day for a party is over the weekend. This ensures that your guests will be available. You can pick the weekend before or after the actual birthday.

Pick the Venue – If you want an intimate party with just friends and family, then host the party at your house. If you want something more formal, then go with a restaurant or hotel function room.

Your guest list – Make a list of all guests you want invited to your party, so you won’t forget anyone. Send your birthday invitations: Once your venue and date are set, send out your birthday party invitations to your guest list.

Budget – Avoid spending too much money by having a budget set before starting your birthday party planning

Planning the Details: 3 weeks before the party

With just weeks to plan for everything it’s time to decide on the menu, decorations, and entertainment.

Food – a buffet is the most popular and easiest method of serving food, especially if you’re having the party in a restaurant or at your home. It’s relatively less expensive than having a full-on chef.

Decorations – It’s easier to decorate if you have a theme! However, remember you may not have all the items you need to make the atmosphere comfortable. If needed, reach out to your local table and chair rentals Charleston to ensure you have enough lounge space to comfortably sit your friends and family throughout the event or party.

Entertainment and Games – To make the event more fun, prepare some activities and games to keep the guests entertained. Keep activities related to the theme you choose. Play your favorite music to entertain guests and have a little fun, why not!

Give-Away Gifts – Your guests will greatly appreciate a keepsake from your birthday party. Be sure to give out birthday party favors that are tied to your theme. For instance, personalized playing cards make the perfect favors for a casino themed birthday party.

Planning a birthday party for yourself, lover, or friend can be a stressful event – this is why you must never hesitate to ask for help whenever you can. Below you will find some additional tips to keep you on track:

Should I serve alcohol at the party – I don’t drink?

Yes! Although today is all about you, you should provide a variety of drinks. Not everyone wants to drink even if it is the weekend; however, serve both kinds of drinks and let your guests decide. They’ll appreciate it even more that you’ve thought of them when you planned your menu.

Should I rent lounge chairs to ensure the comfort of guests attending?

Yes, bar & lounge rentals are pertinent to ensure your guests have somewhere to sit throughout your event. Renting a couple chairs and a couch are key when it comes to hosting a good event. We promise if your guests are not comfortable, they’re not going to stick around your birthday party very long.

Is it ok to ask my friends to help during the party?

Absolutely. You can ask close friends and relatives to come over early to help you set-up food and decorations. The party will go on smoothly with an extra hand especially if you delegate some of the work.

At the end of the party make sure you go around and talk to all your guests. Thank them for coming to the party and sharing your special day with you. Lastly, remember to delegate tasks to others so you can have a little fun. It will relieve some of the stress so you can have a drink or five. After all, it is your birthday bash, to celebrate.

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