How to Host a Memorable Dinner Party

How to Host a Memorable Dinner Party

Food, drink, friends, beautiful Charleston event rentals – a dinner party is, in the end, a simple and enduring combination of designs, made unique by what hosts and guests inspire the evening with. To help you achieve a more flawless and fun filled gathering in the low country, we recommend going all out on some stunning dinner party rentals. Below is a set of guidelines with everything you need to know about throwing your best dinner party.

First, Make a Timeline:

Advanced planning will ultimately make a dinner party much easier to pull off. Creating accurate lists surrounding items such as dinner plates, glassware, tables and chair will minimize chaos and help you tackle the inevitable glitches that arise.

The British party planner Fiona Leahy says that as a professional, outsourcing is key for her own busy life, so even if you can’t hire a catering staff for your private affair, think about items you don’t have to do yourself and hire a Charleston event rentals team! “I’m not above just serving a sourdough truffle pizza with great wine,” Leahy says. “It’s the company that counts… and, of course, the tablescape.”

Here, our recommended timeline tips for your dinner party:

Two weeks before:

  • Create your guest list, making sure you are communicating the correct numbers to your Charleston event rental company.
  • Send out personalized invitations.
  • Think about the atmosphere and aesthetic you’d like for the evening. Once you’ve decided, select tabletop rentals that will outfit your whole dinner.

Two days before:

  • Pick up all the ingredients for your dinner.
  • Purchase wine, and make sure you have a good corkscrew.
  • Make a playlist.

The day of:

  • Reach out to your Charleston Event Rental Company early to understand delivery time!
  • Arrange flowers and any additional items you would like to upgrade your Charleston tabletop.
  • Set up drink and snack stations for guests’ arrival with wine or a cheese plate.

Two hours before:

  • Get dressed for the evening.
  • Light candles and put on your playlist.
  • Have a glass of wine or take a moment for yourself so you’re relaxed when your guests arrive.

Choose Your Dinner Party Atmosphere

In order to create the atmosphere you’d like for your dinner party, first think about the details of dinners you’ve been to where you enjoyed yourself, and then think about the kind of night you hope to create – formal or relaxed? Calm or energetic? Intimate or filled with new friends?

Everything from the look of your table you rented from a Charleston event rental company to the décor of the glassware and dinner plate rental to the music playing throughout the evening.

So be sure to describe the atmosphere you want in a few words when connecting with your Charleston event rental, and then apply the theme to all these areas. “Decorations should reflect your personality.” Says Angela Missoni, creative director of the Missoni brand. Indulge guests in your own taste and event rentals.

When Missoni planned the celebration for her 20th anniversary in charge of her brand, she brought in truckloads of dinner plate rentals and glassware rentals to create a warm, welcoming feel to her home.

Set The Dinner Table

Consider using an event rental company to bring your vision to life. Think of your tabletop as more than just serving folks for food and drinks – it is, in fact, the scenery for the dinner you are crafting. Your flatware rentals, table and chair rentals, dinner plate rentals, and glassware rentals are visual clues to your guests. Traditional styles create a refined ambience; a colorful mix will create a more lighthearted one. We recommend mixing styles freely, but with some common elements between place settings.

For inspiration, search for images of tabletop settings online or Instagram – there are endless ways to use Charleston event rentals for tabletops and decorations to create unique and elegant dinner party in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

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