How to Plan a Simple Wedding

How to Plan a Simple Wedding

A wedding is a significant milestone that reflects the union and love between two individuals. While many envision grandiose events with extensive guest lists and lavish decorations, there’s a growing appeal for simple, minimalist weddings. Let’s explore the concept of simple weddings, how they compare to small or minimalist weddings, and the reasons why you should consider going simple for your big day.

Simple Wedding vs. Small Wedding: Is There a Difference?

A simple wedding and a small wedding may seem synonymous, but they can be quite distinct.

A small wedding refers to the number of guests — usually under 50 guests total. On the other hand, a simple wedding refers to the overall aesthetic and approach to wedding planning, which can be applied regardless of the guest list size.

Comparing various elements, such as the venue, aesthetics, and guest list, can provide a clearer understanding of these differences.

Understanding Simple Weddings: Essence Over Extravagance

A simple wedding typically cherishes the philosophy of less is more, honing in on the essentials. This approach doesn’t strip away the elegance or significance of the event. Instead, it magnifies the essence of the union, allowing love and commitment to take center stage. Here are some integral attributes of a simple wedding:

Modest Wedding Venue

Choose venues that exude comfort and modest charm rather than ostentatious grandeur, like a quaint backyard, a small chapel, or a city hall. The simplicity of such venues often provides a blank canvas to create a warm and inviting space.

Intimate Guest List

It’s not about filling the seats but inviting those who hold a special place in your heart. When pondering over how many people should I invite to my wedding, reflect on who has been integral in your journey. An intimate guest list contributes to a close-knit atmosphere where every guest shares a unique bond with the couple.

Minimal Decorations

Adorn your venue with simple and tasteful decorations. Less can indeed be more when every piece is chosen with thought and care. This is where table decorating ideas for weddings can be explored to add a personal touch without going overboard.


Orchestrating a wedding that aligns with your budget is a hallmark of simplicity. Prioritize allocating funds to pivotal elements of the day like the venue, food, and photography, ensuring these areas resonate with quality and significance.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Foster a laid-back and enjoyable milieu for you and your guests. A casual dress code, comfortable seating, and a fluid timeline can contribute to a relaxed and engaging experience, making the celebration memorable yet simple for all the right reasons.

Meaningful Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony is the heartbeat of your wedding. Concentrate on the gravity of the commitment being made and integrate elements with a special meaning, like a unity ceremony, heartfelt readings, or personal vows.

Quality Over Quantity

Embrace the mantra of quality over quantity. Invest in a few key aspects, such as a skilled photographer or a tasty menu, rather than scattering your resources thinly over numerous elements.

Sustainable Choices

In a world growing conscious of its ecological footprint, considering sustainable choices can also be a facet of a simple wedding. Utilizing recycled paper for invitations, serving locally sourced food, or opting for a digital RSVP system are choices that echo simplicity and responsibility towards the environment.

Event Rentals

Opting for event rentals is a practical way to keep things simple and within budget. Whether it’s seating arrangements, tables, or decorative items, event rentals in Charleston, SC, can provide an array of options to choose from, aligning with the simplicity and aesthetics of your celebration.

How a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator Can Keep Your Wedding as Simple as Possible

Even a simple wedding has its share of logistics and planning. A simple wedding doesn’t mean you have to navigate the planning journey alone. Hiring a wedding coordinator or planner can be a pragmatic step towards planning your wedding with ease, ensuring that the simplicity and personal touch of your celebration are upheld with professionalism and care.

Engaging a professional wedding planner or coordinator can be a wise decision to ensure the simplicity of the event remains intact while all details are properly handled. Here’s how they can seamlessly blend into your simple wedding planning venture:

Streamlined Planning Process

A wedding planner or coordinator can significantly streamline the wedding planning process. With their expertise, they can guide you through decisions in a structured and timely manner, ensuring everything is on track for the big day. They can help coordinate with wedding vendors, oversee contracts, and ensure that all elements, from the venue to wedding chair rentals in Charleston, SC, align with your vision of a simple wedding.


Planning a wedding, simple or not, demands time and attention. A wedding planner or coordinator can take over the time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on personal preparations and enjoy the lead-up to your big day. Their network and knowledge in the wedding industry can expedite many planning aspects, saving valuable time, especially if you want to tie the knot within a few months.

Stress Reduction

Having a professional handle the nitty-gritty details can significantly reduce stress. Knowing that an experienced individual is overseeing the arrangements can provide peace of mind. They can foresee and mitigate issues that might arise, ensuring the day runs smoothly. This support can be invaluable in keeping the ambiance relaxed and enjoyable.

Maintaining Simplicity

A common misconception is that hiring a coordinator or planner might complicate a simple wedding. However, a good wedding coordinator understands your vision of keeping things uncomplicated and works towards maintaining that simplicity. They can provide simple steps, tips and solutions to simplify your wedding further while ensuring that nothing essential is overlooked.

Budget Management

With a clear understanding of your budget, they can help you make informed decisions that align with your financial boundaries. They can provide insights into where to save and where to focus it to get the most value out of your budget while keeping the simplicity intact. 

Vendor Liaison

Planners and coordinators have established relationships with vendors, which can be beneficial in securing good deals and ensuring reliable service. They act as the liaison between you and the vendors, ensuring clear communication and that all parties are on the same page, contributing to a well-orchestrated event.

Is a Simple Wedding Day Right for Me?

Deciding on the nature of your wedding day can be both exciting and a bit much. As you step into this new chapter, choosing a path that reflects the uniqueness and essence of your relationship is essential. A simple wedding could be a beautiful narrative to begin this journey. Here’s a guided approach to help determine if a simple wedding aligns with your aspirations:

Budget Consideration: “How much do we want to spend?”

Simple weddings are often seen as a budget-friendly alternative to grandiose celebrations. Evaluate your financial comfort zone by considering the average cost of a wedding in Charleston, SC, and compare it with what a simple wedding could cost. If saving for future endeavors like buying a house or travel is on your horizon, a simple wedding might align well with your financial goals.

Guest Count Preference: “How many people do we want at my wedding?”

The charm of a simple wedding often lies in its intimate nature. Reflect on your preferred guest count. Do you envision a close-knit gathering or a large-scale celebration? A simple wedding could be a favorable choice if a smaller gathering of near and dear ones resonates more with you.

Style Reflection: “What does our ideal wedding look like?”

Your wedding should echo your style and preferences. If a relaxed, casual atmosphere appeals to you more than a formal, orchestrated event, you’re leaning towards a simple wedding. Consider your taste in wedding attire, including your wedding dress, decorations, and the overall vibe you wish to create. A simple wedding often allows for a relaxed dress code, which might influence your decision.

Priority Assessment: “What are the most important parts of our wedding day?”

Reflect on what elements of a wedding hold the most significance for you. Is it the solemnness of the ceremony, the personal touches, or the grandeur of the event? If you find more value in the essence of the ceremony and personalized touches that narrate your love story, a simple wedding could be the path that resonates with your priorities.

Event Rentals Consultation: “What can I do to simplify planning further?”

A practical step in the process is to explore Charleston event rentals to take care of all the necessities easily. This step can provide tangible insight into how to plan your own wedding in a simplified manner without compromising on aesthetics or comfort. Consulting with rental agencies can also offer a glimpse into how a simple wedding can be orchestrated smoothly, providing a stress-free planning process.

Getting Married: Keep it Simple

The journey towards your big day is filled with choices. Whether envisioning a large wedding or a small one, the resonance of love and commitment remains the core essence. A simple wedding pares down the bells and whistles, allowing the sincere beauty of your union to shine through. The simplicity in decor, a close-knit wedding party, and heartfelt wedding invitations echo a pure and significantly personal sentiment.

Remember, it’s your wedding. Your choices should reflect the love and joy you share with your partner. The beauty of a simple wedding is its ability to remain genuine and close to the real essence of this significant life event. It invites an atmosphere where the celebration is about the lifelong commitment you are about to make.

As you deliberate on celebrating your wedding, consider the benefits of simplicity— it’s not only budget-friendly but also incredibly personal and intimate. And when it comes to ensuring your guests are comfortably seated, and the ambiance reflects your taste, consider reaching out to us at Cheers for your event rental needs. Our extensive range of rental items can cater to your preferences while keeping everything simple and elegant.