How to Save Money at Your Wedding

How to Save Money at Your Wedding

Chances are, there’s something you’re dreaming about for your wedding day that might be just a bit over-the-top: Custom designed table and chair rentals for two hundred guests, a statement flower wall, a few wedding gowns, or maybe a diamond tiara worthy of a princess. But here’s the thing: All that swag is really, really expensive.

Lucky for you, our team has researched the top wedding professionals from coast to coast – florists, chefs, mixologists, you name it and put together a list of been-there-done-that advice on how to save money on your wedding that could add up to thousands of dollars. From hacks that can knock $500 off the price of your wedding gown, to saving $5 per guests on catering. Below you will find a list of tips that will help the two of you cash in on big savings. The best part? These tips can save you money without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Other Days of the Week

A Friday wedding will save you thousands on your wedding venue and your weekday rehearsal dinner. Even better: A Sunday wedding. Site fees can be half the cost, plus food and beverage minimums are lower, which is great for small parties.

Say “Yes” to Letterpress

Love the look of letterpress for your wedding invitation suite, but not the price? Splurge on it for the main invitation but choose less-expensive flat printing for insert cards and you could save as much as $1,000 per 200 invitations.

Direct Your Guests to Your Wedding Website:

When it comes to your wedding invitation, you can save as much as $2,000 by having a single insert directing guests to your wedding website instead of multiple cards for your other events like rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, or day-after-brunch as well as logistics, like transportation and details about the hotel room block you’ve set up for your guests.

Book Your Wedding Planner Early

Your planner is literally the most important part of the wedding journey aside from your significant other! This individual will guide you throughout the whole process of selecting a venue, to booking a band, to showing you the best food; beverage in town. However, the big question you’re probably asking yourself at this time is – how much does a wedding planner cost in and the answer is it depends on what kind of wedding you’re looking to host.

Are you looking for a grand ceremony and reception with high-end food and rentals? Or are you looking for something a little more simple? Once you have decided on the type of atmosphere, the planning cost will be easy to develop.

Can I Plan My Own Wedding

It’s your party – You can do what you want to! Although we don’t recommend this route, it is certainly a way to save money! Our team is constantly asked by individuals about how to plan your own wedding, the truth of the matter is planning a wedding is extremely complicated, especially if you’re seeking a high-end atmosphere.

However, it can be a very powerful tool to save money if you’re not looking to have a grand event with 200+ people.We’d like to emphasize the fact that no wedding budget is the same. One couple may have a million-dollar budget while another may have a ten-thousand-dollar budget. Regardless of your situation – You can make it work! Start early, be patient, and consider hiring that wedding planner. It will make your journey and life during the wedding period one thousand times less stressful.

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