Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It? YES!

Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It? YES!

We completely understand that videography is an added expense, but if it’s within your budget, it’s worth the splurge. Below are the five biggest reasons & benefits for wedding videography.

While our team at CHEERS is constantly blown away by the gorgeous and emotional wedding videos, we are lucky enough to be a part of (Mostly our Charleston wedding rentals) we’re always surprised that many couples choose not to hire a wedding videographer. We understand that this is an added expense, but think about the memories that will be captured for you to view for the rest of your life.

Capturing All Movement & Sound

Still photos provide an image of a moment in time, but wedding videography captures everything, including movement and sound. With a wedding film, you’ll be able to listen to your spouse take a deep breath during your first look, your brother’s toast and your friend’s laughter. You’ll be able to watch your first kiss as newlyweds, your first dance, and your uncle’s weird dance moves. For as beautiful and artistic as still wedding photos can be, they cannot capture the motion and sound – which makes a wedding videographer a must-have.

Summarize the Emotions of your Big Day

If you’re one who enjoys looking back at life’s memories it’s so important to hire a professional who will not only capture the raw footage of your wedding day, but also edit it down to create an emotional movie, frequently set to music, that will truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – it’s the closest thing to reliving your big day.

Did you Not See – Your Video Did!

Your wedding day goes by very quickly, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything. For example, you won’t be able to watch the flower girl walk down the aisle while you’re waiting in the wings. You won’t see your father-in-law laugh when your future husband messes up his vows. You may not see your family members dancing cheek-to-cheek while you’re mingling with your guests. But a videographer can capture these moments on film and allow you to watch them as though you were really there.

Wedding Videos are Easy to Share

Nowadays, videographers are able to upload wedding videos onto platforms such as YouTube in very little time. This allows you to easily share your wedding video with your friends and family!

The videographer may also be able to create short clips for you to share on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. We promise when you look back on this memory you’ll be asking yourself – How much does a wedding planner cost in Charleston SC NOT, How much does a videographer cost! This video will be one of your most prized possessions going forward in life!

Never Stop Watching

Unfortunately, you can’t hang your wedding video on your wall as you can those prized pictures; however, you can find special times to watch and let the memories come flooding back to you and your significant other. Consider watching it every year on your anniversary! We promise your wedding video will become an important keepsake and family gem that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

With this video, you won’t have to imagine what you looked like at the start of the day or how cool that wedding car rental in Charleston was that you and significant other drove away at the end of the night. With there being so much to take in as a couple on your wedding day, we believe you will appreciate having video of the ceremony, first dance, speeches, and all the little details you worked so hard on planning for a year before the big day. There will always be little things that you don’t notice on your wedding day because there is just so much going on.

Spend the money – Hire the videographer – Thank us later.

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