Wedding Décor Trends You’ll See in 2023

Wedding Décor Trends You’ll See in 2023

There’s no denying that 2022 was a historic year for weddings. The predicted wedding boom took place and millions of events were hosted throughout the United States. After two years of downsized or delayed nuptials, weddings came back in full force and felt bigger than ever.

The prolonged desire to break the norm is continuing to drive wedding trends in 2023. Couples will continue to make their weddings entirely custom made in 2023, which means there will be a noticeable shift away from the “typical” wedding look or feel.

One thing most wedding industry experts all agree upon, is 2023 will be filled with multi-day destination events. After the past few years having limited access to travel, couples are eager to see the world and bring their guests along with them. Planners continue to see smaller guest counts for these destination events, along with a bigger focus on additional activities.

This brings great opportunities for early planning around items such as Charleston wedding rentals. Whether planners are looking for high-end rental services or standard items such as tables and chairs, getting ahead and planning early is highly encouraged going into the 2023 wedding season.

Statement Aisles Designs

A statement wedding aisle is an exciting and creative way to add a personal touch to your ceremony, and it’s something that your guests will remember. Our team loves how couples are pushing what their wedding aisle would look like! Some of our favorite wedding designers throughout Charleston are coming up with some of the most awe-inspiring wedding aisles – from fashion runways, interior design trends, and nature.

This past December, CHEERS was given the opportunity to provide a Snow Machine Rental for a statement aisle wedding in Charleston SC. The bride and groom could not have been more pleased with the snow blowing throughout the air; while walking down the aisle to greet their future partner.

Vintage Get-Away Car

Although the end of your wedding might be a bit bittersweet, it’s also incredibly exciting. All of your guests are there to watch and wave as you and your spouse embark on a magical journey together. To make the moment even more memorable, ride off into the sunset with CHEERS wedding car rentals in Charleston SC. Not only will you feel extra special as you drive away in the vintage car rental, but you’ll make sure that the last thing your attendees see is something show-stopping. There are numerous fun ways to plan your getaway, whether you stick with tradition or opt for something unique. We have no doubt – you can’t go wrong with the vintage Defender from London, England.

Retro & Old School Add-Ons

If you’ve got a James Dean Day-dream looking groom by your side and love a classic vintage get-away car, you just might have everything you need for an iconic wedding that stands the test of time. From the roaring 20s, the glamorous 50s, hippie 60s, and rocking 70s, classic retro wedding ideas are making a comeback. In addition to the overall vibe, the food & beverage aspect is also coming into play.

Examples of this have been seen through retro popcorn machine rentals in Charleston, SC, where guests can not only enjoy a box of popcorn but can also watch the kernels pop in front of their eyes. In addition to these vintage popcorn machines recently seen in Charleston Sc; hot dog rollers, margarita machines as well as hand rolled cigars are continuing to make a comeback in the wedding industry.

As 2023 progresses, we expect to see weddings unlike any we have seen before. Couples will be cutting their own trails with the support of vendors to curate the celebrations that reflect their personalities, style, and love.

While wedding trends come and go, there are a few cemented that we can bet our life savings on that won’t ever change: Beautiful Tabletops, good suits, lots of dancing and lots of photo-taking. With that being said, we encourage our future brides and grooms to plan ahead of schedule when it comes to items such as table and chair rentals in Charleston, SC. These may seem like items that can be put on the back burner; however, chairs will directly compliment your overall theme. Remember – you can’t sit down and eat without a table!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our input on wedding décor and trends you’ll see in 2023! Now go out there and create your own, you can bet the CHEERS team will be following along and update you in 2024.

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