7 Corporate Event Planning Tips

7 Corporate Event Planning Tips

Whether your company is launching a new product, celebrating the achievements of the company’s sales team, or simply looking to blow out the end of the year with some great corporate event ideas; CHEERS, is here to provide you with some friendly event tips. Corporate events are significant for company culture as they provide opportunities for the inception of new ideas within the workplace.

Not only can these events be fun but they can also be informative through helping to build employee morale and facilitate team building in Charleston, South Carolina.

Planning A Successful Corporate Event

Before planning a corporate event, it is essential to map out everything that needs to be accomplished on your checklist. One thing to keep in mind is not trying to do everything on your own. Hiring a corporate event company in Charleston SC, can alleviate some stress that comes with the planning processes. Companies such JMC Charleston and Charleston Affair are sure to help impress your guests and assist in the overall corporate event planning.

Set Goals and Objectives

The first and most important goal for a corporate event is to understand your audience and set an objective for the evening. What are you trying to accomplish? Whose attention are you trying to capture?

The main focus should be the people who attend! So, keep their wants and expectations in mind. Are these clients that are looking to let loose and have some cocktails or is this a team building event that centers around networking and getting to know individuals within the same organization.

Make a list of the things your guest would expect to see and ensure to include them in your event!

Set the Events Budget

After setting an objective for your corporate event and understanding who the attendees will be, its time to determine your budget. When deciding your budget, you must consider each possible expense that the event will incur. Put limitations on your budget to restrict yourself from overspending company funds, minimize your cost and negotiate prices wherever possible. This will help you save a lot when you are allocating resources.

Some items to consider that should be at the top of your list are catering companies such as Rosemary & Rye as well as Cru Catering. Other items to consider are:

  • What time is the event starting?
  • Will your company be serving alcohol?
  • Do you need to provide transportation?

Lastly, you will need to understand whether or not you will need to hire a Charleston corporate rental company. Some venues may provide everything you need pertaining to items such as table and chairs; however, others may communicate that you need to outsource these products on your own. In order to develop a true budget, one must understand the rules and regulations of the venue.

Make a List of Guests

After planning the budget and setting the objective; it’s time to make a list of guests attendees. Remember this is extremely important because it will determine the overall objective you’re trying to accomplish throughout the event.

Determining your audience pre-event will help choose the required equipment and services appropriately. For example, you will need to be able to communicate to the event rental company how many table and chair rentals you will need pertaining to your guest list. Will there be fifteen to twenty guests attending the party or will you need numerous tables and chairs in order to accommodate all employees and clients?

Choose a Location

Now that you’re done with the guest list, choosing a location will be the next critical task. The key in this journey is to choose a place that makes the event memorable and convenient.

While doing this, keep your budget in mind. Choose a venue that will appear to your target audience, one which your employees will appreciate. Moreover, your venue should have a theme that reflects the objective of the event.

Choose a valid date by avoiding significant holidays and book the venue months ahead of time to avoid any complications.

Make all the Arrangements

After accomplishing the above, it is time to make all the arrangements your company will need for the upcoming event!

Choosing a theme for your event and arranging all the equipment and items you will need is imperative. If you plan an award ceremony; items such as: gifts, prizes, and certificates should be made a week in advance. Planning for necessary items like speakers, microphones, cameras, as well as tables and chairs are essential.

Lastly, incorporating your theme throughout the party is extremely important when it comes to the overall vibe. Thinking about items such as catering will have an impact on what your guests think about the party when it’s over.

Maybe you’re going for a carnival atmosphere and there are retro margarita machines throughout the event as well as hot dog stands and cotton candy machines. Whatever the vibe is you’re seeking, ensure you are properly communicating and make all the arrangements for your corporate event in Charleston SC.

Collect and Share Ideas

One of the main reasons companies hold corporate events is because it is a perfect platform to collect and share ideas.

During the event, try to find ways to collect ideas from your attendees.

Try assigning some of your employees! As guests are walking into the event, conduct a survey or spark up a conversation to find out what they think about your products & services. This will help include innovative and improve company processes.

Follow-Up After the Event

The best way to close out a successful corporate event is to follow-up with attendees after it is over. Thank all the employees, clients and partners for attending your event by sending out an email or handwritten note. Post event emails are a good way to market new products and services

Making connections on social media to build not only the company’s reputation but attract clients can be huge after holding a corporate event.

Finally, conducting surveys among your attendees to gather their input can sometimes be tricky; however, this will help you to throw a better corporate event next go round.

Items to Remember

Though it may seem overwhelming, planning a corporate event with the correct partners can be a fun and enjoyable task. Mapping out the process and planning ahead of time with a clear budget will ensure success for your company and the guests attending.

Being creative with the theme is crucial throughout the event! If you’re having an end of the year party close to Christmas, consider having a snow machine rental that will create a magical holiday vibe when attendees are walking into the event. Consider having Christmas music playing and elves dancing around the snow filled venue.

Keep track of all finances and resources and make sure you’re staying within the budget you developed at the beginning stages of planning.

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