Baby Shower Activities for Adults

Baby Shower Activities for Adults

As with any party, the best baby showers are those where the conversation is lively, and time seems to fly. As soon as the “Were Pregnant” announcement comes, it’s not long before the baby shower plans are in the works. Whether you’re a close friend, sister, or mother to the mom-to-be, there’s so much that goes into planning the perfect baby shower, one worthy of welcoming this sweet new life.

Most people fall somewhere on the spectrum of either LOVING them or DREADING them when it comes to baby showers, and often, what makes it or breaks it for many people are the games. However, as the host, you can’t forget about Charleston party rentals for your next event surrounding items such as glassware, dinnerware, flatware and overall tabletop to ensure your party is as cute as your future baby.

When you’re planning a shower and starting to set up the agenda for the festivities, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:


What kind of space are you looking to host your event in – A restaurant? A venue? Your personal home? All of these will need to be considered when coming up with activities for the baby shower. Certain activities will be more conducive to smaller or larger spaces, especially as many require table and chair rentals for events such as weddings and baby showers where numerous people will be sharing a space.

Length of Time

This goes for the length of the shower as well as the length of activities. Some activities can be done quickly – within minutes. Others will take more time. You and your friends must figure out what activities are “musts” – such as opening gifts, a meal or dessert, then choose your activities around the essentials.


Some activities are very low budget; however, others will require more materials. Know what your budget is before planning the shower and plug in the essentials. For example the essentials such as Bar & Lounge Rentals; although you aren’t drinking doesn’t mean your friends can’t have a little fun. We suggest renting some fun lounge chairs and couches as well as a bartender. We promise your friends will love you for this and the games will have a few more laughs!


The preparation for the activities below varies. Some are very low-prep and require minimal skills from the guests. Others require quite a bit of preparation beforehand. Those who are throwing or hosting the shower should discuss all of this ahead of time. All the preparation can be overwhelming if there are several high-prep activities, or if just a few people are handing ALL the preparations.

As much as you can, enlist the help of those close to the mom-to-be if more hands are needed in the preparation, even if those individuals aren’t throwing the shower.


The best way to keep things fun and interactive; yet without awkwardness or force, is to set up stations all around the room if possible. This gives the ladies something to do if conversation comes to an awkward stall, or if they just enjoy being up and about, or simply enjoy a busy atmosphere.

We also love the station idea because women can come and go as they want, choose the activities they want, and no one is forced to participate if they don’t want to.

At the beginning of the shower, whoever is welcoming the guests should also give a brief explanation of the stations, the agenda or schedule for the shower, and any other important information.

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