Table Decorating Ideas for Weddings

Table Decorating Ideas for Weddings

Planning your wedding reception décor alongside your planner is a fun part in the journey of your wedding planning. Your wedding table decorations – from your plate rentals to your wedding centerpieces to wedding flatware rentals to your wedding rentals in Charleston as a whole – allow you to show off your theme, color palette and overall vibe you’re looking to pull off.

Whether you personalize your wedding with custom linens, make a dramatic statement with a grand centerpiece or have beautiful flowers that flow from one room to the other, CHEERS is your go-to Charleston wedding rental company. When searching for table decorating ideas for weddings it is important to first develop a budget with your partner. By having this pertinent financial information, planning your table décor in Charleston, SC can guide you on what you can spend on event rentals and maybe even a vintage wedding car rental  for you and your significant other to ride away in.

Seasonal Wedding Touches

Celebrate the season with your wedding tablescape decorations and incorporate the colors reflected in the natural landscape. Spring and Autumn have long been a favorite season for wedding planners in Charleston, thanks to the rich oranges, reds, and browns that enhance the natural tablescape during these two periods. It’s always important to take into consideration the season your wedding is happening in as potential for weather changes can be all too common.

Bold Color Contrasts

Planners in Charleston have been instituting this into their designs for decades; however, adding contrasting elements to your wedding tables such as glassware, and chargers can significantly add some POP to your table!

Use a Dark Linen

It’s no secret that Charleston planners are all about warm-toned hues for fall and spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit on every event. The two palettes can be paired together with a navy linen tabletop. Going into 2023, we are seeing more and more dark tablecloths that don’t overwhelm the wedding . Instead, the contrast makes the warm tones pop even more.

Make a Statement

Make the head of the table the real focal point of the reception by handing a special display for a true wedding statement piece. The bigger the better! Additionally consider incorporating fall foliage to compliment the color palette of the tablescape below.

Glassware Colors

A great way to incorporate color into your tabletop – colored glassware! While chargers and plates make a statement, glassware is important! Consider a smoked grey, pink, or even orange to ensure your glassware stands out for the season.

Consider Black and White

Black and white table settings are perfect for any season or wedding theme, whether you’re planning a NYE celebration or a modern summer wedding celebration. Build off the contrasting hues with the addition of white and black roses and lastly don’t forget about CHEERS Blackstone dinner plates!

Provide Comfy Chairs

Design and incorporate a setting that’s sure to make wedding guests comfortable. Provide comfortable table and chair seating at both the ceremony and reception. You can accomplish this in many different fashions from spacious benches to bamboo chairs with cushions – or even banquette seating.

CHEERS to Your Future Wedding Table Decorating Ideas in Charleston, SC

As mentioned at the beginning on this blog, every couple and wedding planner in Charleston SC has different wedding table decorating ideas and tastes. One may desire a dreamy high-end Charleston table decoration, and another may fantasize about keeping the table decorations simply. Regardless, we suggest using CHEERS when it comes to selecting event rentals in Charleston, SC.

Whether you’re looking to rent tables and chairs, dinner plate rentals or charger plate rentals, CHEERS has you covered. We hope you enjoyed this blog, and it will assist you in the selection of your future wedding table decorations in Charleston SC.

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